Thermal Rome

Thermal Rome

Thermal Rome


If Rome remains the main attraction of the Lazio region, it cannot be forgotten that the Lazio region represents a unique whole to be discovered also from a naturalistic and environmental point of view. What tourists do not often expect is that Lazio also includes some of the most fascinating spa destinations in the whole peninsula.

The Baths, which were once the destination of the elderly, are now the primary choice for health-conscious people of all ages to regenerate themselves from stress and pollution. It seems that science has also convinced itself: a nice glass of thermal water and fight the ailments! Those who go to the spa think of all the benefits, marrying spending a stay in the name of wellness at 360 degrees, physical and mental.

Take a cue from our proposals in order not to give up your passion for well-being in the name of discovering the local area. Individual tours are organized.

Mill of Saturnia – Wild pearl

The beautiful Cascate del Mulino di Saturnia, also called Cascatelle or Cascate del Gorello, is a magical place to discover, unique for the properties of the thermal waters, for the limestone pools originating from the waterfall and for the surrounding nature. The waterfalls are a natural and free place, jealously guarded by the locals and unknown to most tourists. A real hidden gem. At the mill waterfalls there is a bar and parking.

QC Terme – Imperial Wellness

QC Terme is the most important and innovative reality in the wellness and spa sector, it offers experiences that improve the quality of life and give moments of gratification, vitality and joy. QC Terme in Rome stands in a symbolic place in the history of well-being. Eternal city and beating heart of art and history, Rome is the home of an ancient tradition based on the concept of spa, salus per aquam, which animated the ancient Roman baths and which lives today in the wellness center of Fiumicino, a few steps from the capital, where you can regenerate and give yourself moments of light-heartedness and relaxation.


Tivoli, already famous for its extraordinary fountains, also makes use of the presence of spa facilities worthy of the best relaxation and wellness. In Tivoli, the Acque Albule plant is considered the flagship thanks to a magnificent wellness center that offers the most exclusive treatments and an area entirely dedicated to spa treatments for various pathologies.

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